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Q: Where can I purchase?
A: For now, our Xplore camera and watch is only available in limited quantities through Indiegogo. * is not affiliated with Xplore Technology based in China. No support or product warranty is provided through for any purchased product not made through the specific Indiegogo campaign mentioned here.

Q: Where can I view sample footage taken with the Xplore camera?
A: Visit the Xplore YouTube channel, you’ll find some samples. Want to submit samples you’ve taken with an Xplore camera for consideration on the Xplore YouTube channel? Contact us with your details, we’ll arrange for you to upload your file(s). Please only contact us if you have original, unique and well taken footage. Video submissions must be taken with your Xplore camera.

Q: Will the watch/remote work under water?
A: The live view remote will not work under water, as the wireless signal does not pass through water. However, the watch is completely waterproof up to 10 meters and can be used while swimming, surfing, and anything else that you choose to do while getting wet.

Q: What type of MicroSD works best with Xplore?
A: We recommend using brand name cards purchased from a trusted retailer. Also any card with a UHS-1 or higher will perform best. Below is a list of proven cards:

  • SanDisk Extreme PLUS UHS-I 16GB
  • SanDisk Extreme PLUS UHS-I 32GB
  • SanDisk Extreme PLUS UHS-I for Action Cameras 32GB
  • SanDisk Pixtor Advanced 32GB
  • SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 32GB
  • Lexar 633x UHS-I 32GB
  • Samsung Pro UHS-I 16GB
  • Samsung Pro UHS-I 32GB

Q: What is the maximum distance the watch/remote will communicate with the camera?
A: We guarantee a line of sight distance no greater than 7 meters, however we have used it up to 15 meters successfully without interruption.

Q: Can I purchase just the camera with a watch/remote?
A: Not yet, but we are working on new packaging that will allow the sale of cameras without the remotes.

Q: Can you experience live view from a mobile device if the camera is underwater?
A: No, unfortunately with the wireless technology, the signals do not communicate through water.

Q: Can I use a remote shutter button for taking pictures?
A: Yes, you can purchase independent shutter buttons to create amazing selfies from a selfie stick or from a distance.

Q. Is there a warranty with the Xplore camera?
A. Not at this time. We guarantee all purchases will ship out with a new and working camera and watch, free of any defects. The camera, watch and accessories are all quality crafted. Under normal use and care, you should expect many years of working performance.

Q. Does the camera and watch remote work in the rain?
A. The watch is waterproof. The camera when used with the waterproof enclosure is watertight. Theoretically you can use the camera and watch together during rain. Heavy rainfall may hinder the wireless signal to the watch.

Q. Is the watch screen viewable in direct sunlight?
A. The watch’s screen brightness level is adjustable, and can be seen in the daylight.

Q. How long does the watch’s battery stay charged?
A. The watch’s normal charge lasts about 48 hrs. Runtime will be reduced when using for remote viewing and control. Usage time varies depending on the user’s amount of use.

Q. How long does the camera’s battery last?
A. This completely depends on the user’s amount of use. A double pack (or higher capacity battery) and larger back cover accessory is an option to extend continuous record time. According to the camera specifications you can expect Video at 1080p 60 fps to last approximately 90 minutes or capture about 250 16MP still photos.

Q. Can I use accessories from other cameras?
A. While we recommend using accessories designed for the Xplore camera, there is a T Tip adapter that will allow you to use most other popular mounting accessories. Enclosure type accessories are unique to the size and shape of the Xplore camera.

Q. What countries does this product ship to?
A. For now, the Xplore camera, accessories and related items are available in limited quantities, sales and shipments are limited to the contiguous United States. See Indiegogo for further details. *This website is not affiliated with Xplore Technology based in China or any of its affiliates or manufacturers. No support or product warranty is provided through, other than purchases made directly through the specific Indiegogo campaign mentioned here.