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about_xploreAbout Xplore

After years of frustratingly using action cameras and painfully hoping we were pointing them in the right direction of what we wanted to capture, we went on a search to find a camera that allowed us a viewer or screen that showed where we were pointing the camera.  Without much luck on finding a solution, we found we needed to create something new.

Now enters Xplore to the market, a ruggedized POV camera that captures high quality images and video all while having the advantage of operating the camera with a wristwatch but also viewing what your camera is capturing in an OLED screen of the watch. Not only can you control one camera, but you can control up to six cameras from a single watch.  Now you’re producing movies with six angles all being controlled at your wrist.

We want you to explore the world and capture its little moments with an Xplore camera. Produce your own movies and be the director of your memories.