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The Watch

The Xplore watch/remote lets you see exactly what your camera sees without the guesswork on a full color OLED screen.  Our watches allow you the ability to start/stop recording, take pictures and view what is being recording with the simple touch of a button.

You can control and manage up to 6 synced cameras from one watch. Our wrist watch/remotes not only let you see what your camera sees, but you can use it as a daily watch with a charge that last over 48 hours. Download the PDF specification sheet


  • Adjustable Auto Power Off (Choose a timer to save power)
  • Enable/Disable Sound
  • Adjust Brightness Level
  • Alarm Clock
  • Countdown Clock
  • Stopwatch
  • View Live Video
  • Manage up to Six Cameras (view live video from each paired camera)
  • Take pictures with a push of a button
  • Start/Stop video from watch
Pair and control up to 6 Xplore cameras simultaneously!

Pair and control
up to 6 Xplore cameras simultaneously!